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Innovations for the manufacturing industry
Scheer PAS Manufacturing Suppliers integration

Supplier integration

Scheer PAS Manufacturing flexible production configuration

Flexible production

Scheer PAS Manufacturing Capacity planning

Capacity planning

Scheer PAS Manufacturing Document Processing

Document processing

From Clay to Sale

The video shows in a case study how the leading German ceramics manufacturer uses the Scheer PAS Low-Code platform to develop a new product lifecycle management (PLM) process and fundamentally reorganize its business model. Further optimization of the production process was achieved by integrating SAP as the backend system, which further increased efficiency and productivity. The recorded live demo presents the advantages of a Low-Code platform in creating customized solutions to optimize business processes with seamless integration into existing systems

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- Manual work
- Human errors
- Data silos

Scheer PAS Manufacturing problems


- Intelligent middleware
- Tailored UIs for workers
- Seamlessly integrated data

Leverage your information system

Increase your turnover

Discover new ways to make your production even more profitable.

Fostering customer loyalty

Manage customer subscriptions effortlessly, ensuring recurring relationships.

Easy payment processing

Simplify your billing process with digital tools that automate recurring billing and invoicing.

Smooth and convenient transactions

Improve your payment processing with digital payment solutions that offer more flexibility.

Simplified accounting

 Streamline your financial processes and meet regulatory requirements with optimized, automated systems that are audit-ready.

Track the success of your business model

Access real-time insights on key metrics to make informed decisions.

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Imagine having a unified manufacturing experience:

  • External price retrieval and internal provisioning
  • Capacity manage ment and planning, including supplier availability
  • Supplier integration supported by screening applications
  • Full transparency in supplier processes
  • Cross-company representation of orders, purchases, etc.
  • Supply chain mapping, visualization of bottlenecks and identification of problems
  • Aggregation and provision of data for demand planning (forecasts)
  • Creation of customized user interfaces for specific requirements
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