Process Automation & Development

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The fast and flexible adaptation of business processes to new situations is crucial for the success and future viability of companies. Whether it is about improving the customer experience, changes in the business model or global crises that force companies to act - Scheer PAS enables change and innovation immediately!

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What does process automation mean?

Process automation means that a task or process no longer runs manually, but automatically. This is done by software and mainly concerns digital processes and tasks that are generally done on a computer.

Support the New Normal

Scheer PAS supports process automation in many ways: We not only provide a Low-Code /Pro-Code development environment, but also support the complete DevOps pipeline including implementation, automation and monitoring. Finished applications and complete processes are continuously monitored, analyzed and optimized through process mining. The integration of AI services enables efficiency increases through automation and decision support ("Decision Intelligence"). Mobile working thus becomes the standard, whether in production, in the field or in the home office.

Process Automation & Development
Scheer PAS Designer
Scheer PAS Designer

The Low-Code collaboration tool for model-based creation and management of microservices.

• Create processes with BPMN 2.0
• At the same time, carry out technical implementation in UML
• Use models directly as microservices (xUML)

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Digitize Your Processes

"Whether it's onboarding in HR departments, complaint processes in service departments, the application process in public authorities or forms in purchasing: these processes can only be efficiently mapped in the home office, for mobile working and for digital teams if they are digitized."

Markus Joldzic | Product Marketing | Scheer PAS
Scheer PAS
Process Mining
Scheer PAS Process Mining

See what’s really going on and intervene directly!
Do you know…

• how your processes really work?
• how well the involved IT systems interact?
• which workarounds, inefficiencies and performance gaps are present?
It’s time to find out!

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Process Development

The new normal – Too many digitization projects and not enough resources?

We can help! Ready to use and for a fixed price!
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

From digitization to automation – artificial intelligence makes processes more efficient

• Make business decisions based on a reliable dataset
• Relieve employees from time-consuming administrative tasks
• Minimize error rates
• Significantly increase efficiency
All through direct integration of AI services in business processes

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