Scheer Process Automation Suite

The Scheer Process Automation Suite (Scheer PAS) offers companies complete process automation from a single source.

Scheer PAS stands for Process Automation 4.0 and therefore for the end-2-end digitalization of the entire business model.
In this respect, Scheer PAS is a comprehensive platform that brings together all the most important components for digitization.

Users benefit from an extremely wide and quickly scalable product suite, either on-premise or in the cloud.

The innovative low-code approach of the Scheer Process Automation Suite enables the model-driven digitization of human workflows. The Suite also includes the model-driven integration and automation of technical processes. A multitude of services and best-practice solutions for different sectors complete the comprehensive offering.

Customers individually receive all the components they need for the automation of their processes from API management and EDI over mobile and up to robotic process automation (RPA).


Scheer PAS means a one-stop-shop for your process automation!







Scheer PAS offers the following particular benefits:


  • Process automation 4.0
  • Low-Code platform
  • Continuous new ideas through close cooperation with research institutes
  • Continuously updated IT stack
  • Operational excellence through the support of organizational models


  • Short time-to-market cycles
  • Do-it-yourself approach through modern formula and process design
  • Model-2-execute for business and IT
  • The agile project approach allows the early identification and correction of errors in the process sequence
  • Faster integration through middleware components


  • All from a single source: consulting – software – hosting
  • Attractive TCO-ratio with short amortization times
  • High levels of data security with an established partner
  • Stable and scalable IT architecture
  • Scalable from a specialist department solution to an enterprise suite

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