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Scheer PAS -  Building the applications of the future

With Scheer PAS we drive your digital transformation in all aspects of your business: Existing monolithic business applications do not meet the requirements companies are facing in the context of digitalization. New, differentiated and innovative business applications are required to meet customer expectations of the digital age.

Thus, the design, development, deployment, monitoring and management of innovative, differentiated, modular and process-centric applications is supported in the best possible way.

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Composable Applications

Succeeding in digital business requires the highest level of agility, which many organizations do not have. IT leaders can improve the responsiveness of their organizations by implementing the business-centric design principles of Composable Enterprise Applications. Thus, so-called packaged business solutions can be created, consisting of applications, data integration services, AI-based automation services, and API management assurance. Combined into service, they support a specific business process.

Data Harmonization

The term master data management is and remains a dominant topic in every company. The quality and centralized view of corporate data is no longer just an advantage but essential in today's corporate world. Structured and uniform customer and company data is a must-have to survive against the competition.
The goal of IT modernization with Scheer PAS is not only to connect IT landscapes and drive modernization forward, but also to think it through to the end and, at the same time, to prepare the systems in terms of content. Connect your systems, drive modernization and structure your data. What is the leading system? What data is needed from where? Does this data need to be prepared? All questions we can answer with Scheer PAS.

API Monetization

Companies are increasingly providing their customers or partners with digital services, web applications, or data via APIs (application programming interfaces). This allows third parties direct and controlled access to their own offerings and data. By monetizing the use of interfaces, new business models and revenues can be realized. With Scheer PAS API Management, you can manage and secure your internal and external interfaces centrally, as well as control and analyze usage. And thus creating the basis for monetization.

Process Integration

Even with process integration, it is important to "think things through". Nowadays, it is no longer enough to have fast and efficient IT and business processes. These should also be coordinated and mesh with each other. You can only benefit from processes without technical or organizational bottleneck between them. So why not connect your business processes in one platform? Scheer PAS connects the different languages from IT, business, and management. Stop thinking in silos or individual processes, connect your IT, processes, departments, and people. With the help of Scheer PAS!

Low Code Development

The Scheer PAS Low-Code component provides a development environment that is used to create application software through a graphical user interface instead of traditional programming. A low-code platform can fully build functional applications or provide additional programming for specific applications. Low-code development platforms reduce the scope of traditional programming, enabling the accelerated deployment of business applications.

Cloud Integration

Since the beginning of the cloud era, functionality that is seen as standard but not practiced. OnPremise, Cloud, or Hybrid – Many systems are flexible, or at least as far as needed from their point of view. How does Scheer PAS do it? Similarly, but still not quite. For OnPremise software, we continue to offer all the options for Linux, Windows, and container installations. For cloud systems, we have a long-standing partnership with Microsoft and prefer Azure Cloud, but are definitely open to other providers. The worlds are connected with the central core of the Scheer PAS platform, the integration layer. A middleware by definition. Whether local, in one or more clouds or both is not in question. Which systems can we connect for you?

Process Transformation

Process transformation involves the redesign of business processes with the aim of increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and further strengthening the company's competitiveness. This involves not only re-describing the business processes but also quickly making them available to the various customers (internal/external) in the form of business applications. With the help of low-code application development, Scheer PAS provides end-to-end functionality for successful process transformation, from process design to the finished application. Furthermore, the Scheer PAS integration enables simple and fast integration into your existing IT landscape and thus creates an optimal interaction of the new business application right from the start.

Process Optimization

Due to ongoing digitization, companies are required to constantly rethink and adapt their products and processes. In addition to organizational changes, this also has a significant impact on the underlying software systems. It is important that, in addition to untapped digitalization potential, processes are also rethought and transferred to the Scheer PAS platform in an optimized manner as far as possible. Using process mining, existing processes can be analyzed directly within the platform and bottlenecks can be identified directly. The continuous analysis thus makes it possible to further optimize your processes on an ongoing basis.

AI Integration

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly becoming a competitive factor for companies. However, most AI projects fail when it comes to transferring the developed algorithms and services into practical, permanent operations. Isolated solutions are created whose technical and organizational integration into the company's processes was not considered at an early stage. In the worst case, potential efficiency advantages through AI-based automation are cancelled out. The Scheer PAS platform offers you everything you need for successful process integration of your AI solution: From simple, technical connection to your existing systems and individual processes to automatic, capacity-dependent scaling.

Process Automation

Through the interaction of integration and application development, media disruptions are avoided and manual tasks are holistically digitized and automated. Individual process steps can also be automated through the deep integration of artificial intelligence. Thus, the platform not only offers maximum flexibility but also enables end-to-end process automation through the Intelligent Automation approach.

IoT Integration

In IoT integration, "small computers" or also "sensor technology" are connected to already existing systems with the help of interfaces. The goal is to use standard protocols (e.g., REST/MQTT) to transfer, process, and evaluate data in existing systems. The required scaling is not only guaranteed by an SOA architecture. But offers a flexible and independent extension at any time. Within a quality assurance process, measurement and inspection records can be transferred from production directly, or, after manual inspection via a mobile device, indirectly to the production process. This provides a granular overview of all key figures such as rejects, fluctuations, or quantities. These KPIs enable improved production and delivery planning and provide indicators for potential problems in production.

Lift & Shift

Lift & Shift is a cloud migration strategy that moves existing on-premise applications and data to the cloud without major changes or adjustments. Based on an infrastructure-as-a-service model, the applications continue to operate almost unchanged. Scheer PAS supports the Lift & Shift approach with its microservice architecture: services and applications are automatically created as containers and can therefore be easily used without additional effort, both in the company's own data center and in the cloud.

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