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Scheer PAS is the platform for flexible end-to-end support of individual processes. It stands for digitization and automation, regardless of how many people, systems or companies need to be integrated.

Using the low-code approach, Scheer PAS enables companies to easily and flexibly develop exactly the applications they need to act quickly and agilely, but which can often not be provided by classic systems of record such as ERP systems, or not at the required speed or flexibility. For the perfect integration of the existing IT infrastructure Scheer PAS can integrate all third-party and legacy systems into the new applications, whether internal, external, cloud or on-premises.


Proactively shaping digital transformation (German only)

13th February 2020 | 11:00 a.m


“Flexibility means being well prepared for the unknown.”

– Dr. Wolfram Jost, CPO | Scheer GmbH

How do banks intend to set themselves apart from the competition in the future and escape the so-called lock-in effect?

With Platforms as a Service (PaaS), the successor to the classic middleware that offers great differentiation potential! PaaS enables companies to develop and deploy new, innovative business logic quickly and agilely.

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„The number of integration possibilities and flexibility are just as outstanding as the speed of implementation.“

Manja Kuntzsch, Head of Digital Media Kneipp GmbH

„40% less integration costs, SAP integrated 5x faster – and all in operation according to business plan“

Laurent Christen, ehem. Head of Direct Sales, Nikon Europe BV

„The unique model-based approach will lead to a significant increase in productivity across the enterprise – for years to come.“

Robert Redl, CIO, EVN AG

Scheer PAS – short explanation