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Many companies are dealing with the different types of digital transformation. Regardless of whether existing processes are digitized or whether they are forced to adapt as a result of disruptive changes: Organizations, including employees and IT systems, must be able to respond quickly and flexibly to new changing conditions.

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How are composable applications defined?

Composable Application describes a concept that allows functional blocks of an application to be separated from the entire process. A Composable Application platform coordinates independently developed programs, data and devices to deliver a new solution that none of the previously available applications could deliver alone. This means that new applications can be created with better functionality and greater value.

Respond quickly and flexibly to market conditions - with Scheer PAS

A key aspect for this is the use and further development of software: It has never been more important for companies to be able to adapt their IT landscape and individual systems in an agile manner and expand them in an uncomplicated manner. Only by making the existing IT infrastructure more flexible, e.g. through using low-code application development, IT integration and API management a company can develop stable resilience to the rapid changes in the markets. Applications need to be deployed quickly, with companies reusing existing services - to minimize time to production.

This places new demands on existing software development and integration platforms. Today, companies no longer develop new applications on a greenfield basis and then painstakingly integrate them into the existing system landscape, but rather flexibly and quickly as "composable applications". These new applications are based on so-called application composition platforms, which now combine the two or three different platforms previously required for such applications into a single one. This significantly reduces the "time-to-value".

Scheer PAS combines decades of experience in low-code development and IT integration. In our Application Composition Platform, we combine low-code application development, IT integration and API management - complemented by the use of process management and artificial intelligence. Through integrated tools for all sub-areas of digitization, the Application Composition Platform approach enables an unprecedented user experience and significantly accelerates all projects in the context of digitization. This is how we support our customers on their way to the Composable Enterprise.

The first Application Composition Platform: Scheer PAS

Within Scheer PAS, you will find all the essential requirements to make Composable Applications the standard in your company. In addition, new projects can be implemented faster than ever before.

"Due to the high reusability of individual applications, services and integration mechanisms, project plans can be implemented 30% faster on average."

- Sharam Dadashnia, Head of Product Management

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Scheer PAS functions of coposable applications

All of this is integrated into one platform.

Through integrated web-based tools, application developers and specialist departments (Citizen Developers) only have to deal with one platform and can save valuable time. With Scheer PAS, you will be able to reduce the communication efforts between the individual business and technical departments, since the seamless transition from the business department to the development department is ensured in a structured manner and everyone knows exactly where they need to tie in and provide support ("Reducing the level of interpretation"). By dovetailing all the necessary components, not only the required time for project implementation can be reduced, but the so-called "total cost of ownership" is also significantly reduced. Furthermore, training and familiarization times are also reduced, since only one platform is in use and not several.

Scheer PAS offers both a low-code and a pro-code variant for creating applications. In the Pro-Code variant, you, Scheer PAS or a service provider of your choice develop an application based on Angular or a programming language of your choice. For the low-code variant, we provide you with a tool, Scheer PAS Designer, with which you can design processes, workflows and interfaces via drag & drop. You do not need any prior programming knowledge for the Scheer PAS Designer. Thus, you also enable the end user or the business department to actively participate in your applications.

As a next step, the applications become interconnected via the Scheer PAS integration layer. Each application receives a standard interface to send and receive data. Within the integration layer, the individual applications can be connected. In addition, all data can also be transformed, adapted and "mapped" in this way. This is also done as low-code functionality within the Scheer PAS Designer. Of course, not only applications developed in Scheer PAS can be interconnected, but also any third-party systems can be integrated with Scheer PAS. This way you avoid the danger of switching from one monolithic system to the next.

If you want to make the application available to the outside world as well, an API management is of course available within Scheer PAS to manage, secure and analyze these connections accordingly. When it comes to deployment, it is important to follow the path to the end and build on a modular implementation here as well. Scheer PAS again offers you two options here. The classic microservice, where an application is deployed within the platform, but completely separated from all other applications. To go one step further, it is also possible to deploy applications in individual containers. This allows the applications to operate completely autonomously from each other, both in terms of the functionality itself and the runtime. This allows you to scale virtually without limits, since the modular structure means that the application can be distributed across many individual systems and large, monolithic and comprehensive IT systems are not required first, as it is the case with a large CoreSystem.

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Scheer PAS offers you all the important building blocks to develop appropriate Composable Applications in all business areas. Contact us to learn more about the ALL in ONE Application Composition Platform.

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