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Digital transformation is not an option. Reacting quickly to customer requirements is critical if the company is to remain competitive as the customer experience and sales are inextricably linked. 
The solution is the combination of flexible IT structures with agile application development on a single platform for process digitization. This means that, in the future, you can adapt your processes at any time to match customer requirements.

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With Scheer PAS, we digitize your process within 12 weeks. For a fixed price. Collaborative development, agile change, intelligent integration - Scheer PAS is the best platform to meet the challenges of process digitization. And we’d be delighted to prove it! Process digitization in a matter of days and weeks – not months and years.

Your benefits


Guaranteed delivery in 12 weeks 


Experienced consultants and developers 


Straightforward set-up of the platform


Proven procedure and documented guidelines


Minimal hardware requirements 

…and how do we do it?

Before the project start, our team works together with you to ensure that all the prerequisites are in place for fast process digitization. Then we begin.Within 12 weeks we digitize your process – end-to-end. Our procedure consists of 4 phases which combine our proven techniques and project management approaches with our experience. This way, we create transparency for you at all times. 

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Week 1
Week 2-10
Week 10-11
Week 12

Kick-off and infrastructure

Project kick-off: Together with you, the Scheer PAS project team develops the prioritization of the integration paths and the project plan that is fine-tuned each week as part of the sprints. 

Infrastructure: Parallel to this, the technical infrastructure is prepared with installation of the required PAS components. 

2-weekly sprints

From week 2 to 9, based on our approach and in close coordination with you, we develop and deliver releases that include the previously prioritized features.

  • Weekly status meetings
  • Feature demos
  • Continuous feedback
  • Sprint planning and customization
  • Design, implementation and testing

Testing and customization

After the implementation phase, a two-week intensive testing phase takes place. The tests are performed under pre-production conditions together with your business department.

  • Functional tests
  • Adjustments

Adjustments are now made on a daily basis and the previously provided regression tests are used to ensure the quality assurance of the previously provided implementations.

Go-Live und Go-Live Support

We deploy your process, provide intensive support to your operations team during the first week of go-live, and are available for quick adjustments and root-cause analysis.

  • Final tests and last changes
  • Project completion
  • Go-Live
  • Go-Live Support  
Your process digitized within 12 weeks – guaranteed!

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*This is a one-time offer for new customers.