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Learn how easy it is to use the Low-Code tool PAS Designer, test the creation of an API in the integrated API Management or create your own analyses in Process Mining. Scheer PAS offers integrated solutions for all digitization and process automation requirements:

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Try Scheer PAS one month for free!

Get an exclusive insight and familiarize yourself with the Scheer PAS platform. In advance, we have compiled an overview of the functionalities of our platform for you.

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Application Development (Low-Code & Pro-Code)
API Management
Process Mining

To get you started, we will provide you with all the important information, including access data, an overview of the components available for you to try out, and informative links to further information.

In Scheer PAS, you can model your processes as BPMN using the Low-Code tool PAS Designer, design your own user interfaces (forms) according to your needs and requirements, and thus quickly digitize even paper-based processes. For more complex processes, the platform enables a seamless transition from Low-Code to Pro-Code development with Angular - giving you the greatest possible flexibility. Speed in development is guaranteed by the ability to reuse once developed building blocks simply with a click, to use ready-made libraries or to use standardized connectors for almost 50 use cases, e.g. to connect ERP, database and CRM systems. We empower you to manage all projects within one user interface, share them with others and work on them collaboratively.

With our integration component, we have been bringing business and IT together for over 15 years to innovate your end-to-end processes. To accomplish this, we have developed best-in-class methodologies and tools to help organizations with medium to large IT infrastructures prepare for rapid change. Our secret is simple: we empower business and IT professionals to collaborate more effectively on business-oriented process and data integration.
Scheer PAS API Management is a component that supports the management of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and API requests. It allows you to apply various policies and enforce them as runtime rules for each API request.

Scheer PAS Process Mining allows you to identify inefficient or faulty process flows. With Process Mining, we enable you to analyze systems without knowing all interdependencies and to perform both top-down and bottom-up analyses. This allows you to identify unfavorable developments more quickly and optimize processes directly in the platform.

Administrators are supported in the Scheer PAS platform by proprietary components that enable execution (Dev Ops), monitoring and management of the platform components and services with a wide range of functions. Among other things, we use a Cron and a File Manager for this purpose, but also embedded third-party tools such as Keycloak or OpenSearch, which are integrated into our platform.

Detailed information about our Application Composition Platform and its components can be found in our extensive technical documentation.

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Scheer PAS – Process Automation & Integration Platform
Scheer PAS is the Application Composition Platform that provides ready-made business functions and pre-build business capabilities for various business needs. Read more about it!
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Employee workload reduced by 60% at BVG through digitization and automation
“From seemingly simple processes such as internal office moves, right through to complex processes such as the procurement of laptops and other devices, we can now digitize and automate all processes.”