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Scheer PAS Retail IT Modernization

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Scheer PAS Retail Inventory Synchronization

Inventory Synchronization

360° Customer View

Customer Stories

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“With our application landscape, we have now achieved a level of integration that is unrivaled in retail. Scheer PAS is the core application landscape element.”

Dodenhof | CIO

Scheer PAS Retail Customer Story 2

“With Scheer PAS, we have total control over each individual step in the restructuring of our sales processes."

Peter Temperli | CFO PKZ Group

Customers who already trust us

Your Challenges

Limited time to innovate
Too many different IT systems
Not enough customer data
Unpredictable supply chain
Lack of professional programmers

The Solutions

Innovation through pre-built applications
Seemless integration of different IT systems
Automatic generation of personalized customer data
Continuous collaboration with your suppliers
Low-Code development by citizen developers

Struggling with tedious document processing like orders and invoices?

Scheer PAS offers customized solutions for the retail industry, making it easier for you to manage time-consuming document processing such as validating purchase orders or receiving invoices. Scheer PAS can help you streamline these processes and tailor them to your unique requirements.

This approach saves time and effort. It enables you to respond faster to changing business requirements, customer needs and market trends


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We support your customers to have a seamless shopping experience:

  • E-commerce master data synchronization
  • Store systems adaptation with 360° customer view
  • Inventory integration across channels
  • Legacy modernization with API Management
  • Real-time data integration
  • Logistic efficiency improvement with valid and synchronized customer data
  • Real-time loyalty card fraud detection


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“Scheer PAS reduced the complexity of the integration to such an extent that business employees were able to lead the project.”
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“With Scheer PAS, we have total control over each individual step in the restructuring of our sales processes.”
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