Whitepaper Application Composition

Modularity and Reusability as a Path towards the Composable Enterprise

In this whitepaper you will:

  • Discover the benefits of an Application Composition Platform
  • Learn why is an Application Composition Platform needed?
  • Find Competitive Advantage with PBCs
  • Learn from real success stories to improve process efficiency
  • Understand how one tool can serve as your secret weapon for reshaping your company's future

Inside this whitepaper, you will also learn how Scheer PAS revolutionized a major German ceramics manufacturer's product development processes, replacing a multitude of software systems with streamlined Packaged Business Capabilities (PBCs). These PBCs resulted in a process-oriented Composed Application, transforming the company's way of working, enhancing data quality, and creating a digital twin.

Toyota Germany also benefitted from Scheer PAS, achieving full digital integration with business partners and accelerating innovation. They unleashed agility at Toyota Germany with a composable architecture. This whitepaper holds the key to remarkable transformation.

Scheer PAS Whitepaper Application Composition

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