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New Asset Repository for Full Composability

Scheer PAS Composability - Asset Drawer

Experience a game-changer in service development with the innovative Asset Repository from Scheer PAS. Create services in minutes, not days, and transform your business into a composable enterprise.

What is the Asset Repository?

And what can it do for you?

In a remarkable stride toward expediting service development, the all-new Asset Repository by Scheer PAS offers a game-changing opportunity to harness pre-constructed building blocks. This cutting-edge feature empowers developers to craft services with unparalleled speed and efficiency. Gone are the days of laborious groundwork – now, you can leverage the power of pre-built components to supercharge your service creation.

With the Asset Repository seamlessly integrated into the Designer, developers now possess the ability to easily share their personally developed libraries with a broader audience. The process is simple yet powerful: your libraries, carefully nurtured within the Designer environment, can now be shared effortlessly with other users. You maintain full control, determining whether to grant access to specific groups or extend the reach to all users operating within the same system.


Scheer PAS Composability - Asset Drawer

The key to maximizing the utility of your library lies in comprehensive documentation. By providing thorough insights into the workings of your assets, you unlock their true potential for fellow developers. To aid you in this essential endeavor, the Publish Assets wizard emerges as a valuable ally. This wizard not only simplifies the publishing process but also offers a user-friendly interface for meticulously documenting every facet of your creation.

But the benefits don't end there. The Asset Drawer, a groundbreaking addition to the PAS Designer, ushers in a new era of accessibility. Other users gain seamless entry to your published assets directly from the Service panel. Navigating through the extensive array of available assets is a breeze, thanks to the Asset Drawer's intuitive design. Incorporating these assets into your service is a swift, one-click affair – streamlining the development process like never before.

Even asset management receives a long-awaited upgrade. The Asset Drawer's prowess extends to efficient asset removal, allowing you to bid farewell to used components with a single click. Furthermore, embracing innovation, you can effortlessly switch to newer versions of assets when they become available, ensuring your service remains at the forefront of advancement.

As a remarkable bonus, the Asset Drawer seamlessly intertwines with asset documentation. With just a click, a world of insights opens up before you – a comprehensive, well-structured documentation page materializes in a new browser tab. This invaluable feature empowers you to access and consult asset documentation at any juncture during the development journey, making certain that your vision materializes flawlessly.

In essence, the Scheer PAS Asset Repository ushers in an era of unrivaled composability, turbocharging service development while ensuring that knowledge and innovation flow freely among developers. Elevate your service creation experience and witness the transformation firsthand – the Asset Repository is your gateway to a future of limitless possibilities.

Ivan Tadic
Technical Content Marketing Manager