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6 facts about process digitization and process automation that you should know!

Why complicate things when they can be so simple?

What do the buzzwords digitization and automation really mean? It’s all about end-to-end support for your processes through IT. Being as agile and flexible as possible so that you can react quickly to new requirements – no matter how many people, systems or even companies need to be involved. It’s really always about IT integration and application development and keeping this as simple as possible – and that’s what Scheer PAS does. Read about what the platform is capable of, how the individual modules combine, and what they can do. 

Creating microservices without any programming!


Here you develop your processes, digitize them, and transfer them directly to the integration layer. To do this, you use low code and collaboration features, existing libraries and interfaces, and this simplifies the technical implementation. The procedure is model-based, which means that the processes are not only used for documentation purposes but also represent the technical implementation. 

Scheer PAS Designer

The seamless deployment directly in the integration layer saves time and enables agile and flexible reaction to changes. The user interface can be adapted to fit your corporate design and it complies with all standard security-relevant aspects. 

Workflow & Automation

Thanks to our open and flexible architecture, we can respond quickly to new trends and technologies. Automation technologies such as RPA and decision support through AI can be integrated seamlessly to optimize your processes. Thanks to our flexible license models, you are equipped to deal with all scenarios whether these are growth or major projects. 


Do you require secure document exchange with suppliers, partners, customers? We can do that! With no transaction costs. Not only do we offer an EDI tool, we go beyond that to connect all other systems in your IT landscape. Transfer to SAP, enrichment of the data from additional sources, e.g., a database, short-term or long-term archiving of your messages. All options are open to you. The highlight? Absolute cost transparency by dispensing with a transaction-based license model. You have a fixed fee for the license and that’s all! No further costs for EDI transfers of any type. 

Control & Security

Globalization is the standard, cloud technologies too, and numerous communication paths allowing access to IT systems, for example, via APIs. But how can you protect against external threats? Using an API Management System, you retain the overview of use, accesses, and versions, along the entire lifecycle of an API. You can avail of all the mechanisms that a state-of-the-art API management system should have. You decide who, when, and how frequently external parties may access your systems and this way you keep control. 


The key to it all: PAS Integration. This is the central point for communication. PAS Integration brings all modules of our platform together and combines them with your infrastructure. With more than 50 interfaces, e.g., SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft, all options are open to you for future-proof integration of your system landscape. With the process-based approach, not only do you transfer data, you also interact with your systems, synchronously or asynchronously. Receipt, aggregation, and processing of data are the keywords here. Whether you are working with a single system or many systems, working in processes opens up multiple options. Here too, a flexible pricing model means a custom solution for you. If you wish to integrate only one or two systems, you can use our modular license model. If you have a larger project, then select our all-inclusive package where all costs are covered with a fixed price. 

Mining Dashboard

Processes, interfaces, data, communication – it’s not really tangible. This is where our Analysis Component comes in. Each process step and its associated data can be seen in our analysis component. This means you have a full view of your processes and the data you are working with. Sound a little abstract? Let’s look at an ordering process. We start with simple evaluations such as the number, total, and progression of purchase orders. It is also possible to analyze the transfers to downstream systems such as warehouse logistics, shipping, etc. You also have access to all contents of the purchase orders. Is data protection a concern? No need to worry; you decide for each process which data is to be transferred for analysis. There is no automatic data collection and, thanks to the user-based approach, you can configure access specifically for individual users. You decide who is permitted to see your data and in particular the data of your customers and suppliers. 

Scheer PAS – Process Automation & Integration Platform

Scheer PAS is a modular and flexible platform that you can configure to meet your requirements. Whether in the cloud or on-premise, as an all-inclusive package or with scaled licensing. Why then, as is the norm, restrict yourself to licensing by interface and software package, when you also have the option to license by workflow and process or by functional topic or integration scenario? We bill you only for the components you really need. 

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Philipp Petersen
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