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Dr. Wolfram Jost
Wolfram Jost Geschäftsführung Scheer PAS
“Flexibility means being well prepared for the unknown...
Dr. Wolfram Jost | Managing Director | Scheer PAS

...That’s why the innovative capacity must return to where the knowledge of data and business processes can be found – to the user company. This will enable organizations to once more develop innovative and differentiating business applications either themselves or together with partners.”

Stephan Prinzkosky
Stephan Prinzkosky, Management Scheer PASheer PAS Geschäftsführung
“Digital transformation is not an end in itself. Its purpose is to increase the level of agility in our companies...
Stephan Prinzkosky | Managing Director | Scheer PAS
Email enable them to adapt quickly to changes. This is precisely why we developed Scheer PAS – so that process changes can be implemented faster, competitive advantages can be gained, existing IT systems can be integrated more flexibly, and changes can be implemented smoothly at any time.”

Mario Baldi
Mario Baldi Geschäftsführung Scheer PAS
“With our low-code platform, we offer companies a future-proof technology...
Mario Baldi | Managing Director | Scheer PAS

...that enables them to react flexibly to new business challenges at any time. This technology enables fast, innovative problem solutions that classic business software cannot always deliver due to its monolithic basic architecture.”

Jürgen Rombach
Scheer PAS Geschäftsführung
“We have a unique product and we want to excite our customers!...
Jürgen Rombach | Managing Director | Scheer PAS

...We implement our projects with a proven and verifiable method, with the objective of delivering excellent quality on time and on budget. This enables us to build trusting relationships with our customers and we are very proud of our record.”

Sharam Dadashnia
Scheer PAS Geschäftsführung
“Intelligent automation combines not only process digitization, process automation, artificial intelligence and flexible integration...
Sharam Dadashnia | Product Management | Scheer PAS
Email also harnesses the speed and agility of low-code application development to enable companies to react fast, independently and adequately to challenges posed by the market.”

Dr. Olaf Homburg
Scheer PAS Management
“The company is effective, flexible and geared for short innovation cycles...
Dr. Olaf Homburg | Managing Director | Scheer PAS

...Bundling all core competencies in a single software company enables fast growth and agile development. At the same time, the close relationship with Scheer GmbH ensures comprehensive and process-based consultation for our customers.”

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