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Why is API Management effective?

Many IT systems may also mean many APIs. To maintain control of their use, accesses and publication, an API management system is important. It means security for your company. Accesses and use of the APIs are protected, different versions of an API can be saved and organized centrally, public and private interfaces can be made available via a URL, and accesses can be controlled centrally. This way, your APIs are optimally secured and your company is protected against criminal attacks. You decide who has access to your data!

Interface as a risk factor?

Via program interfaces, you make functions and data of your company IT available to others, you open up your IT to the outside world. If you want to guarantee security of the data, you must have control of the interfaces used. This means that you must develop, manage, control and secure the interfaces, just as you do any other software components. If this is not done, in a worst-case scenario, the interfaces can become a gateway for hackers. 

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