Software producer instead of software consumer!

Make your company independent and put innovative strength back where it belongs – within your company!

The ability of a company to develop its own software solutions, and thus to be able to react swiftly and flexibly to diverse challenges is critical for its future success. 

Prepared for the uncertain

Software producer instead of software consumer

Gartner prepares CIOs for uncertain times. The market research and consulting firm recommends approaching a moving objective by way of many small, easily correctable steps. In a related study, IDC assumes that, over the next three to five years, virtually all companies – independent of their industry – will develop toward becoming a “digital innovation factory”. One thing is clear: Speed is key. 

The fastest shall receive the spoils – provided they have a structured and, at the same time, flexible strategy to set up their digital-native company. 

Speedboat or tanker

Become independent of innovation stoppers

Whether within your company, in your customer contacts, or in the collaboration with suppliers and partners – your future viability will depend on whether, and how fast, you can bring your own digital innovations to the market. 

But what is required in order to independently implement innovations and changes in your processes? Classic systems of record such as ERP systems are frequently incapable of making the necessary adjustments or further developments at all, or cannot do so with the required speed or flexibility. 

Are you interested in a speedboat?

Free your company of showstoppers and bottlenecks!

More high speed thanks to low code – and pro code!

Digitize processes, quickly and smoothly

Normally, development platforms support either pro code or low code – Scheer PAS combines both approaches. This means that experienced expert users, referred to as citizen developers, can use PAS Designer to develop simple processes via BPMN, and they can configure the design of the user interface using drag-and-drop, for example. At the same time, it is ensured that more complex initiatives can be developed directly in the protected pro code area. 

A feature here is the seamless transition from model-based low code to code-based pro code development.This means that processes can be continuously further developed, they are available centrally on a platform. The developed applications can then be seamlessly integrated via the integration component into the company’s own IT systems and processes. Only then can companies create real added value for customers and partners with digitally optimized product offerings and services. 

Two sides of the same coin

End-to-end digitization of processes always consists of applications and integration

Therefore, the topic is not limited to fast process automation through a combination of low code and pro code application development. At the same time, it is a matter of intelligent integration, flexible connection of external systems, secure document transmission, and the effective integration of AI for decision support. 

Only the package as a whole will significantly improve the efficiency of the operational processes and the profitability of the company, and offer a digitally improved user experience to both customers and employees. 

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