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In the modern world of work employees are increasingly out and about. Unfortunately many companies have workflows that can only be worked on from a desk: not only a significant loss of time for staff in the field and production halls, but entire processes become slower. Scheer PAS Mobile starts at exactly this point.

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In companies, working on tasks within a workflow is not done directly from someone’s desk but also by employees in the field or in a factory. Contrasting fields of work make it necessary that tasks in a workflow are no longer worked on using only a PC, but can also be worked on via a mobile end-device. With the help of Scheer PAS Mobile, a mobile application is available to end-users with which they can execute their business applications on mobile end-devices. The app is available for Apple and Android.

The creation of mobile applications is done using the Model-2-Execute approach which underlies the entire Scheer PAS suite. This means that you can design your completely model-based applications via drag&drop. Through the use of services available on your end-devices, such as GPS or the camera, process run times can be significantly reduced. Thanks to offline capabilities and automatic synchronization you can ensure access to your applications independent of time and place.

You can find usage scenarios wherever the functionality of a mobile app supports the process. Notifications of damage can be used as an example,  whereby pictures of the damage must be taken in order to make them available immediately for inclusion in further process steps.

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