On-premise, cloud or hybrid, how you keep your IT under control

Hybrid IT-Integration

What would it be like if you could intelligently and flexibly integrate IT systems wherever they happen to be in operation, easily integrate additional systems, always have up-to-date documentation, and react quickly to changes?

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Scheer PAS Integration

One single platform to ensure flexible and fast collaboration of the different systems, and efficient management of the interfaces. That is precisely why we developed Scheer PAS.

IT landscape as bottleneck on innovations?

Break free for now and for the future!

Is IT blocking innovation? Sounds like a paradox but it is sometimes reality.

IT architectures are becoming increasingly complex and are frequently “hybrid”: Some of the applications run on-premise and others run in the cloud. Collaboration between the different systems and efficient management of the interfaces are almost impossible without an integration platform. If the IT systems do not work together seamlessly, then problems are inevitable.

  • Processes take longer as a result of system disruptions, they become more error-prone through manual data transfer, and time-consuming routine activities divert employee time from genuine value-creating activities.
  • Point-to-point integrations are hard coded and typically not well documented and they become a serious problem when processes and data flows need to be adapted quickly to react to the market.
  • Workflows are not transparent and misunderstandings between IT and the specialized department are inevitable.

Make your IT fit for the future!

Break the innovation deadlock and make your IT fit for the future!

  • Processes and systems integrated within a few days.
  • With the model-based approach, the current documentation of your interfaces is always available.
  • Additional systems can be connected quickly and risk-free during ongoing operations.
  • Interactive dashboards keep you informed in real-time about which information is being exchanged between your IT systems.

All of this gives you the freedom to react with speed and agility to new ideas and challenges, and your IT landscape can be adapted flexibly at any time to the requirements of the business.

Our promise!

Minimum effort
  • In the cloud or on-premise: Our solution is based on the plug & play principle. Numerous prefabricated modules enable fast and seamless implementation.
  • We take care of the connection and, if required, the complete hosting. In combination with our microservice architecture, this results in an unmatched small footprint.
  • The easy-to-understand and model-based approach greatly simplifies communication between IT and specialized departments. Many processes, which must now be managed by your IT department, can thus be implemented directly by the specialized departments in the future.
Maximum security
  • With us, there are no nasty surprises. You decide yourself how comprehensive your integration project is to be and you know right from the beginning what costs you can expect.
  • Whether in the cloud or on-premise, as an all-inclusive package or with scaled licensing by workflow, process, functional topic, or integration scenario. We bill you only for the components you really need.
  • Our IT experts with many years of experience in system connection are on hand to provide support. We don’t use call centers and you will deal with the same contact persons right through the project. Confidential data must remain confidential at all times and with no exceptions.
Innovative principles

Use of models as an understandable basis between technical and non-technical stakeholders


Clear separation of interests through removal of non-functional components for effective governance and compliance


Unification of specification, implementation and production through directly executable models as ‘single source of truth’


Simple integration of complex system landscapes through uniform view of interfaces

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