Simple implementation of the requirements of modern applications and system landscapes

Application Integration

Quickly and flexibly integrate all the applications in a process, develop low-code-based simple applications for the digitization of all process steps and complex applications with pro code standards.

Using a single platform, integrate all people, systems or companies in your process.


Make your company fit and agile

Ready for all future requirements of the market

Using the low-code approach, companies use Scheer PAS to simply and flexibly develop the applications that they require to act with speed and agility. In many cases, the classic “systems of record” such as ERP systems, are incapable of making the necessary adjustments or further developments at all, or cannot do so with the required speed or flexibility. Reusable and encapsulated microservices enable the dynamic conversion of applications and their flexible use. The basis for seamless application integration is the integration component of Scheer PAS. It stands for the integration of all systems, whether existing systems, new applications, or external applications at suppliers or customers. Whether in the cloud or on-premise.

Make your company fit and agile for all future requirements of the market. You improve the efficiency of your processes, ensure maximum scalability and agility for the future and, at the same time, you lower your IT costs.

End-to-end process automation

  • Historically grown, heterogeneous IT landscapes
  • Many IT systems involved in a process
  • System and media disruptions, manual data transfer
  • Monolithic systems of record that do not allow any process changes
  • Hard-coded, poorly documented point-to-point connections between IT systems for precisely one purpose
  • Optimization of the user interfaces for improved user and/or customer experience

In business process integration, the IT systems and services that are involved in a process are integrated. The process can be internal to a department, it can be cross-department, or cross-company. In the same way, the involved systems can be on-premise, cloud-based, internal or external. Through identification of the systems and services that are used for individual activities in a workflow, PAS Application Integration enables simple and fast adaptation of existing processes, or implementation of new processes, from digitization to automation via the integration of innovative technologies such as RPA or AI.

  • Agile solution architecture
  • Prefabricated modules
  • No downtimes
  • High availability
  • Cross-system transparency
  • Minimal hardware footprint
  • Common language for IT and specialized department through model-oriented approach
  • Iterative procedure through microservices architecture

Easy implementation of requirements for modern applications and system landscapes?

Process-focused integration strategy at LV Münster
“With Scheer PAS, we position ourselves in such a way that we can react to changes in an agile, secure and scalable manner.”
IT modernization at dodenhof with no risk
“We believe that the decision to opt for the Scheer PAS integration platform has been a complete success!”
Your process digitized within 12 weeks
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