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The mobile app with all state-of-the-art functions to implement processes while on the move. 

For long time already, workflows are no longer something to be processed from A-Z at your desk. Increasingly, processes are faster, more convenient, less prone to transmission errors, and overall much more efficient if parts of processes or entire processes can be run while on the move and in real time. This can be done by sales personnel at customer premises, directly in production, or by service employees in the field. 

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Scheer PAS

Workflows today must be “multi-device capable”. Whether on a PC, cellphone or tablet, working efficiently today increasingly means working while on the move. Scheer PAS Mobile is the component of the Scheer PAS platform, which enables your employees to be productive wherever they happen to be. The app is available for both Android and Apple. 


Scheer PAS Mobile

Scheer PAS allows you to create mobile apps using low code/pro code mechanisms. Through the additional use of standard services on your devices, for example GPS or camera, you can drastically reduce mobile process runtimes with Scheer PAS Mobile, and you can automate activities.  Mobile device APIs can also be used as a calendar or for contacts, making it possible to, for example, use Face ID or a fingerprint scanner to protect business-critical data in forms. Thanks to offline use and automatic synchronization, you have access to all your applications independent of location and time.

Deployment scenarios are varied and can be found wherever the functionality of a mobile app is beneficial to the process. One imaginable use case is in reporting damages, where pictures of the damages are taken, to make these available to claims settlement as part of the process sequence. 

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