How well do your processes really run? Ensuring an overview in real time!

Scheer PAS Process Mining

Only if you know how your processes really work and how well the relevant IT systems interact, can you identify workarounds, inefficiencies and performance gaps, and remedy the causes of these. With Scheer PAS, you can see what is really going on and you can intervene directly. 

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Scheer PAS
Total overview at all times

End-to-end consideration instead of a patchwork approach

Fast and effective monitoring of your existing process landscape is a challenge. But integrated monitoring and permanent process analysis are essential for successful operation. In most cases, the data available for analyses is very technical or superficial, and determination of the interrelationships and their consequences is complicated and time consuming. Alternatively, there are of course the classic business intelligence applications, which are typically over-dimensioned, costly and high-maintenance. The main problem is, however, that the classic BI and monitoring programs focus primarily on individual IT systems and not on the cross-process interplay of applications. 

There is no complete overview of processes and business

360-degree view through process and service dashboards

In our dashboard, you can look at the operational processes at the user interface and also the IT systems that are involved, and how they are integrated. We monitor not only the actual execution data of each individual process instance, but also the technical integration processes. This way, you have a complete overview at all times and can take action. 

We can only improve what we can measure!

Complete overview and detailed analysis in all systems at all times

  • The dashboard links the business key figures and the system information for all parties involved in the processes. 
  • Sales figures can be verified as can the reaction speed of your systems. 
  • For each process, you have clear graphical descriptions of the process instance and all relevant process key figures. 
  • Key figures and processes from other systems are easily integrated. 
  • You can define your own key figures for your individual monitoring. 
From insight to action

Proactive intervention for increased efficiency

Comprehensive real-time monitoring is only the beginning. You are in the driver seat and you determine what happens: If some of the threshold values you have defined for parts of the system are reached, either you are notified or predefined actions are carried out. This means that you retain control at all times, you can detect critical trends at an early stage and you can intervene instead of having to take corrective action afterwards. 

Scheer PAS Process Mining

The benefits for IT

  • Real-time monitoring of the entire IT landscape 
  • Timely intervention through early trend detection 
  • Monitoring of the functional business processes and the integration processes 
  • Identification of process bottlenecks 
  • Derivation of automation potential 

The benefits for the specialized department

  • Direct overview of all weak points in your processes 
  • Alarm or specific action when defined threshold values are reached 
  • Tailored analyses for exactly those processes that are most important 
  • Analyze systems without prior knowledge of the dependencies 
  • Compliance and rules are checked directly in the processes 

Do you want to identify performance gaps and eliminate their causes?

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