Case study SAP integration at EVN

Benefits of the case study for your organization:

Use of the integration platform

How the SAP integration happened
How business efficiency was optimized

In our case study you will learn how EVN was able to integrate new international business units into every central process with the help of Scheer PAS BRIDGE.

In contrast to EVN AG, which uses SAP and its core application for business transaction processing, the business units which need to be integrated with it do not use SAP. Thanks to Scheer PAS the integration of third party applications has been made simpler and quicker. This way, and at the same time, high flexibility with adaptations relating to country specific requirements and the basis for problem free communication in multi-cultural developer teams, are made possible.

EVN benefited from reduced integration costs and a reduced time requirement. Today, the company’s IT landscape is characterized by a high degree of standardization, performance, transparency and greater efficiency in total.

Read the case study and learn how the quick and risk-free integration of SAP was made possible at EVN.

EVN Case Study

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The high ROI was decisive in the selection of E2E. This unique approach will lead to substantial productivity gains for the entire organization – for years to come.

– Robert Redl, CIO, EVN AG

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EVN is a leading Austrian energy and infrastructure service group with a market capitalization of more than €3.4bn. The EVN group offers its customers electricity, gas, heat, water, thermal waste recycling based on the most modern infrastructure as a one-stop fulfillment. EVN does business in over 14 countries, has around 9.500 employees and achieved revenue of more than €2.2bn, with a net profit growth of 58% over the last 4 years. EVN serves more than 3 million electricity consumers.