We provide you with a half-day’s IT Excellence Coaching free of charge

Make existing infrastructure fit for the future through IT modernization
  • How can you get higher performance from your current IT landscape? 
  • Is your IT infrastructure fit for digitization, integration and the cloud? 
  • Why does it always take months and years rather than days and weeks to implement new requirements? 


Prozessdigitalisierung in 12 Wochen

Do you ask yourself this and similar questions? Then take advantage of our non-binding, free-of-charge, initial analysis of your IT infrastructure as an extra coaching session with an experienced sparring partner. We work together with companies like XXXLutz, Nikon, Kneipp, Toyota, the Philippine National Bank and many others to equip them to deal with precisely these issues. 

Get started on your fitness program for a future-proof IT!

The first step is the most important one

The first step is gaining clarity about your CURRENT situation and the options open to you. Here we will be happy to offer you a free-of-charge and non-binding ½-day coaching session – in the form of an IT added-value analysis. 

How the coaching works

The ½-day coaching is clearly structured and includes the following training units: 

  • Analysis of the existing infrastructure 
  • Evaluation of the individual systems 
  • Information on advantages and disadvantages of on-premise, cloud or hybrid approaches 
  • Development of initial ideas for modernization 

What results can you expect?

After the coaching, we would like you to 

  • have a comprehensive overview of your CURRENT situation 
  • have an awareness of the advantages and disadvantages of on-premise, cloud or hybrid approaches 
  • have developed some initial ideas for your IT modernization 

How to arrange a coaching session

Just fill in the short form for our non-binding offer and return it to us. Then we contact you for a short discussion of your objectives, the suitability of the coaching for your situation, and we arrange an available date to suit. 

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