Scheer PAS EDI Management

Future-proof communication with business partners – without transaction costs

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the de facto standard for data exchange with customers and business partners. Your own, easy-to-use EDI solution will make you independent of external providers and employed formats – with NO transaction costs.

Why is EDI important?

Companies not only find themselves confronted with larger and larger volumes of information and data. They also depend on being able to transmit this data and information fast, securely and in the desired manner. From a certain volume, however, this can no longer be done manually, if the quality and costs are to be maintained for remaining competitive. An automated solution is required. Most companies are therefore already demanding that their partners be accessible through EDI networks and be integrated in the companies’ own systems. Scheer PAS EDI makes just this possible.

Mockup EDI Whitepaper

Uncomplicated, fast, safe

Scheer PAS EDI provides a clearly arranged user interface for uncomplicated, fast and safe management and control of data transfers via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Mapping and BPMN integrations can be seamlessly connected. End-to-end tests of the processing are possible at all times.

Flexible, independent and open-ended

Make yourself independent from external service providers and employed formats, and save yourself transaction costs without being tied to any particular message format. Your company can be flexible in its use of EDI protocols, while the system is even open to new protocols not yet in existence. The same applies to message formats. Whether XML, SAP IDoc or UN/EDIFACT, or EDIFACT subsets and even special message formats like VD or HL7 – messages can be transmitted in any format.

Without transaction costs

Edit and process messages and independently connect partners and customers, at no cost for transmitting messages or integrating partners. Regardless of the number of desired communication partners, HTTP and HTTPS allow unlimited sending and receiving of electronic correspondence. Confirmations of receipt can be requested synchronously or asynchronously.

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