The Digital Assistant

What is the Digital Assistant?

Processes often take place manually. This means that individual steps, for example the filling out of forms, are completed by hand. Alongside the time and effort required, manual implementation conceals further difficulties. Missing or inadequate interfaces result in breaks in media. This massively increases the likelihood of errors and costs a lot of time spent unnecessarily.


Automation by means of a digital assistant can help. In this case in the form of a component of the Scheer Process Automation Suite. It is the perfect helper to take on responsibility for boring and repetitive tasks such as, for example the extraction and preparation of data or the coordination of dates or flight bookings and involves the combination of a process platform and a software robot.

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Digital assistants are semi-automated processes in which people and robots work together hand-in-hand as they would in a modern production line. Semi-automation is considerably easier than full automation. The duration of automation projects is significantly shortened, leading to a much quicker ROI.

The processes involved are no longer manual as the software robot takes on the majority of the work. A human gives the robot its working parameters and from then on must concentrate only on the correction of possible errors, communicated to them by the robot via the user interface.

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How does the Digital Assistant work?

How exactly does the Digital Assistant work in practice? Let’s take a search on eBay as an example. In a first step the user opens the input screen via a mobile app or a responsive form. In this example we are looking for Apple products for the purchasing department so we start the search via the Digital Assistant. We enter the words “Apple products 2018” into the digital assistant’s search window.

We follow by inputting our email address and the subject of the search in the next input field. If necessary, a further message can also be entered. We now start the search and give the software robot a task which we can follow via a unique job-ID. Once the search has been completed we receive a notification in our user interface in which we can display the search results.

In this particular case the system will show us the email which the software robot has sent. The email contains the search results in the form of an Excel spreadsheet which can be used by the recipient, in this case the purchasing department. We can also view and download the results in the user interface on a smart phone or PC.

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What benefits does the Digital Assistant offer?

Thanks to the low-code approach taken by the Scheer Process Automation Suite processes individual to each customer can be implemented very simply, flexibly and quickly. In connection with the dashboard you have a complete overview at all times of all past and current processes being run.

With minimal effort companies can realize significant savings in time and effort by using the Digital Assistant. This way employees have more time to focus on complex tasks. If the Digital Assistant saves each employee 15 minutes every day, then the company saves two working days per employee each year.