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Creating apps has never been easier

Imagine a designer tool that offers an effortless way to create apps just with Drag & Drop, making process optimization a breeze. Take a look at the demo to see how easily you can build an app to accept or reject incoming orders, without requiring any IT skills.

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Upgrade to the latest and greatest! The anticipated Scheer PAS 23.1 release is finally here.

Get ready to take your user experience to the next level.

We are pleased to introduce our latest product update with exciting new features that will help you be even more successful with our platform.

Here are just a few of the highlights from our latest release:


New SendMail Library

With this new feature, you can easily send mails with dynamic and static content based on templates.

The SendMail library is a default library. It is available in all namespaces without manual upload of the library.


New SAP RFC Connector

With PAS 23.1, we introduce the SAP RFC Connector, the ultimate solution for seamlessly connecting your SAP system to Designer. The connector is an easy to use low-code solution.

A wizard will take you through the configuration process, ensuring that your connector is tailored to your specific needs, and you can select the required operations in just a few clicks. The best part? You don't need any programming knowledge to get started.


Enhanced Development Process

Accelerate your service development and testing with swift feedback. Our innovative approach guarantees significantly improved build time performance of your service.


Our service development process has undergone major improvements. As you develop a service, it is immediately compiled and deployed to a generated test environment, with continuous changes applied.

API Management

Get a sneak peek of our cutting-edge API Management (UI) with the alpha version included in this release. Explore its features and functionalities to your heart's content and let us know your thoughts.

We value your feedback and suggestions, so don't hesitate to reach out to us at:

Administration and Portal

Organizing your files just got easier. With the new sorting capabilities in the Administration and File Manager, you can now arrange your entries in ascending or descending order within each column. Stay on top of your game and streamline your workflow with this convenient option.

Improvements & Fixes

We have also made a number of other improvements and enhancements to our product including:

The service logs of the xUML service and the Angular Application server can now be accessed directly via the Controls panel.


Experience the latest upgrade: Our Integration (Bridge) and Platform have been updated with the latest xUML Runtime 2023.1. Get ready to discover seamless integration and enhanced performance.


Want to know more about the new PAS 22.2 release?

Check out all features as well as improvements and fixes here.

Scheer PAS is the only solution that transformsautomatesintegrates, and builds business applications by providing one Low-Code & process-oriented experience that combines Integration, Application Development and Process Automation.

Agile, flexible, self-sufficient - is the Composable Enterprise the game changer for IT?

A composable enterprise is capable of flexibly assembling its business model and its business processes from components using modern information technology, while still working holistically. This enables the enterprise to react quickly to new situations, introduce new processes or replace existing ones. Composable is thus the opposite of monolithic. The term extends from the strategy level to the implementation of the application systems. The enterprise is therefore "composable" from the business strategy to the IT systems. The "Composable Enterprise" concept addresses important requirements for a modern enterprise and is therefore also a valuable compass for its IT development. The conceptual approach and more in-depth explanations await you in this presentation by Prof. Dr. August-Wilhelm Scheer.

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The new Scheer PAS 22.2 release is now available

with the new PAS 22.2 release, Scheer PAS introduces a range of great innovations built to help you fix the inefficiencies in your business operations and boost your agility for tomorrow.

We are excited to showcase the latest features to help you achieve your goals with Scheer PAS. The highlights of the 22.2 release are:


Highlighting of keywords in the Action Script Editor

Action Script keywords, constants as well as some basic data types and comments are now highlighted in different colors so that you can work easily with the Action Script Editor.

Add parameters directly on your diagram

Adding parameters to operations directly from the diagram will make your work easier. Just drag your mouse on the diagram and easily add input and output parameters directly to operations.

Customization of REST APIs

With the new 22.2 release, the Designer supports modeling REST APIs. You can freely customize the interface of your Designer service beyond the auto-generated elements.

Enhanced Low-Code and Pro-Code capabilities:

Create xUML Libraries

Do you work on large projects? The Designer can split projects into seperate libraries, where each library can be developed independently allowing parallel development with multiple modelers.

PAS xUML Library Development Kit

With this new feature, simply create Pro-Code libraries using standard Typescript and Angular only. You don't need to know the meta files.

API Management

In the Transfer Quota Policy, you can now also select IP addresses as a granularity for which the transferred bytes are counted.

Want to know more about the new PAS 22.2 release?

Check out all features as well as improvements and fixes here.

Scheer PAS is the only solution that transformsautomatesintegrates, and builds business applications by providing one Low-Code & process-oriented experience that combines Integration, Application Development and Process Automation.

Scheer PAS at the Hannover Messe Digital Edition

Home of Industrial Pioneers | Now more than ever

12-16 April 2021 | online

Under the guiding theme of "Industrial Transformation," industry thought leaders will present their technologies and ideas for the factories, energy systems and supply chains of the future from April 12 to 16. Here, the areas covered, from AI and robotics to logistics IT and fuel cells, clearly show that traditional manufacturing is undergoing a transformation.

Process automation and integration are the keys to sustainable efficiency gains and make your company fit for the future. We have developed Scheer PAS precisely for this purpose and look forward to convincing you of the possibilities at HANNOVER MESSE as part of our digital trade show presence.

Scheer PAS - One for All!

Flexible end-to-end support of individual processes

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Press release

Scheer bundles technological competence in a single software house

Combination of technology, process, AI and integration competencies in Scheer PAS Deutschland GmbH.

Saarbrücken, Mar. 30, 2020 

Effective April 1, 2020, IDS Scheer Holding (former Scheer Holding) is bundling the technology, process, artificial intelligence, and integration competencies of various holdings of the Scheer Group in a single software company, Scheer PAS Deutschland GmbH, located in Saarbrücken. 

Scheer PAS Deutschland GmbH has a clear product profile and concentrates on the market-oriented further development and international marketing of the Scheer PAS technology platform that has been developed in-house. Scheer PAS is a technology platform (PaaS), which represents a complete solution for companies in the digitization process. It is also the only product in the market that comprehensively and integratively covers the core functions of automation, integration, and application development....” 

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Scheer PAS Blog

6 facts about process digitization and process automation that you should know!

Why complicate things when they can be so simple?

What do the buzzwords digitization and automation really mean? It’s all about end-to-end support for your processes through IT. Being as agile and flexible as possible so that you can react quickly to new requirements – no matter how many people, systems or even companies need to be involved. It’s really always about IT integration and application development and keeping this as simple as possible – and that’s what Scheer PAS does. Read about what the platform is capable of, how the individual modules combine, and what they can do. 

Creating microservices without any programming!


Here you develop your processes, digitize them, and transfer them directly to the integration layer. To do this, you use low code and collaboration features, existing libraries and interfaces, and this simplifies the technical implementation. The procedure is model-based, which means that the processes are not only used for documentation purposes but also represent the technical implementation. 

Scheer PAS Designer

The seamless deployment directly in the integration layer saves time and enables agile and flexible reaction to changes. The user interface can be adapted to fit your corporate design and it complies with all standard security-relevant aspects. 

Workflow & Automation

Thanks to our open and flexible architecture, we can respond quickly to new trends and technologies. Automation technologies such as RPA and decision support through AI can be integrated seamlessly to optimize your processes. Thanks to our flexible license models, you are equipped to deal with all scenarios whether these are growth or major projects. 


Do you require secure document exchange with suppliers, partners, customers? We can do that! With no transaction costs. Not only do we offer an EDI tool, we go beyond that to connect all other systems in your IT landscape. Transfer to SAP, enrichment of the data from additional sources, e.g., a database, short-term or long-term archiving of your messages. All options are open to you. The highlight? Absolute cost transparency by dispensing with a transaction-based license model. You have a fixed fee for the license and that’s all! No further costs for EDI transfers of any type. 

Control & Security

Globalization is the standard, cloud technologies too, and numerous communication paths allowing access to IT systems, for example, via APIs. But how can you protect against external threats? Using an API Management System, you retain the overview of use, accesses, and versions, along the entire lifecycle of an API. You can avail of all the mechanisms that a state-of-the-art API management system should have. You decide who, when, and how frequently external parties may access your systems and this way you keep control. 


The key to it all: PAS Integration. This is the central point for communication. PAS Integration brings all modules of our platform together and combines them with your infrastructure. With more than 50 interfaces, e.g., SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft, all options are open to you for future-proof integration of your system landscape. With the process-based approach, not only do you transfer data, you also interact with your systems, synchronously or asynchronously. Receipt, aggregation, and processing of data are the keywords here. Whether you are working with a single system or many systems, working in processes opens up multiple options. Here too, a flexible pricing model means a custom solution for you. If you wish to integrate only one or two systems, you can use our modular license model. If you have a larger project, then select our all-inclusive package where all costs are covered with a fixed price. 

Mining Dashboard

Processes, interfaces, data, communication – it’s not really tangible. This is where our Analysis Component comes in. Each process step and its associated data can be seen in our analysis component. This means you have a full view of your processes and the data you are working with. Sound a little abstract? Let’s look at an ordering process. We start with simple evaluations such as the number, total, and progression of purchase orders. It is also possible to analyze the transfers to downstream systems such as warehouse logistics, shipping, etc. You also have access to all contents of the purchase orders. Is data protection a concern? No need to worry; you decide for each process which data is to be transferred for analysis. There is no automatic data collection and, thanks to the user-based approach, you can configure access specifically for individual users. You decide who is permitted to see your data and in particular the data of your customers and suppliers. 

Scheer PAS – Process Automation & Integration Platform

Scheer PAS is a modular and flexible platform that you can configure to meet your requirements. Whether in the cloud or on-premise, as an all-inclusive package or with scaled licensing. Why then, as is the norm, restrict yourself to licensing by interface and software package, when you also have the option to license by workflow and process or by functional topic or integration scenario? We bill you only for the components you really need. 

Philipp Petersen, Pre-Sales Scheer PAS
Philipp Petersen
Digitization Expert
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