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Got all your interfaces under control?

Protect your company against hacker attacks. API Management does more than simply manage.

APIs or program interfaces are program components that make an application available to other systems for connection purposes. This also includes detailed documentation of the interface functions with their parameters. Protect your data, applications, and your company’s reputation from hack attacks with robust API runtime assurance. 

Everything at a glance

Deployment of APIs has become the norm

By 2017, according to a survey by CA Technologies, some 84 percent of German companies were using APIs to develop web applications. Approximately 82 percent use them to integrate back-office applications, whereas 74 percent have integrated services from third-party suppliers. However, the deployment of APIs continues to be mainly uncoordinated with no central management. This involves risks regarding functionality but, more importantly, risks to the security of corporate data.

Where is the risk?

Via program interfaces, hackers can gain external access to data and specific functions of programs. That means that you open up your IT to the outside world. It is therefore essential to centrally manage and control all APIs that are deployed in the company, as only this way can a company guarantee data security. Similar to other software elements, interfaces must be developed, controlled, managed and secured. If this is not done, they could possibly become a gateway for hackers. To prevent this, there are API management solutions that support companies with optimized and controlled deployment of APIs. 

The core components are

  • An interface catalog as an API directory or registry 
  • An API gateway for 
    • publication of the available program interfaces 
    • Control of the API accesses 
    • Management of API traffic 
    • Analysis of API use 
  • A developer portal with API information, test options, and functions for API implementation. 

API Management does more than simply manage

The performance of the APIs is an important topic as is keeping them up to date. For this reason, maintenance of the interfaces and management of their lifecycle is another key component of API management. API accesses are controlled and monitored, guidelines are implemented, and the benefits (from a security and optimization perspective) are evaluated. It is also important to provide all legitimate users and developers with up-to-date information (API documentation) to ensure optimized interface usage and to prevent errors. 

Protect your data, applications, and your company’s reputation with robust API runtime assurance. 

Interested?Let’s talk about the right solution for your company. 


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