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Process Automation: A Key Factor for Business Success

In today's digital world, automation is a key factor for business success. Companies that are dedicated to automation can simplify and optimize their operations, reduce costs, and become more competitive. In this blog post, we will discuss automation and its importance for business success.

First of all, what is automation?

Automation is a process where manual tasks are automated through the use of technology and software. This can include a variety of activities, such as data processing, customer relationship management, accounting, marketing, and more. By automating these tasks, companies can save time and minimize human error.

Time, Cost, and Quality

By automating tasks, companies can save time and allow their employees to focus on more demanding tasks. Automation can also reduce costs by creating more efficient processes and decreasing the need for human labor or manual activities. For example, automating accounting tasks can help minimize errors associated with manual entries by automatically reading receipts and recording them in an ERP system. Automating marketing tasks can help increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by allowing for more targeted and personalized customer outreach.

Efficiency and Productivity

Companies can increase their efficiency and productivity by automating tasks. Automated processes are often faster and more reliable than manual processes, as they minimize human error and can be executed more quickly. Automation can also help employees focus on more demanding tasks that create more value for the company.

Scalability and Growth

Companies can make their processes more efficient and scalable by automating tasks. Automated processes can be easily replicated and allow companies to serve more customers without requiring additional resources. Automation can also help companies respond more quickly to changes in demand and become more flexible.


Automation is a key factor for business success. By automating tasks, companies can streamline and optimize their operations, reduce costs, increase efficiency and productivity, and grow faster. Companies that dedicate themselves to automation have the opportunity to become more competitive and stay successful. If you would like to learn more about how Scheer PAS can help you automate your business processes, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Markus Joldzic
Senior Product Marketing Manager
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Composable Technology - Why Investing in the Future is Important

In today's business world, technology and the ability to flexibly respond to changes have become essential. To be successful, companies must be able to quickly adapt to changes and adjust their IT systems accordingly. This is where so-called Composable Applications or Composable Technology come into play.

Flexibility through Composable Applications

Composable Technology allows companies to assemble and combine their IT infrastructure like Lego bricks. This means that each IT system and its functions can be managed and scaled individually, without affecting other parts of the applications or the corporate network. This allows companies to quickly and easily adjust their IT systems to their business requirements without having to change their entire IT infrastructure and existing unaffected processes.

Another advantage of a Composable Enterprise is flexibility. Since companies can easily combine and separate their IT systems, they can optimize their resources and design their IT infrastructure to fit their specific business requirements  perfectly. to fit their specific business requirements perfectly.

Cost efficiency and fast deployment of IT systems

Composable Technology also enables faster and more cost-effective development and deployment of IT systems. Since IT systems are modular, companies can reuse existing components and save time and costs. For example, the already implemented function for creditworthiness check in a bank's loan approval process can be reused in new applications. Or existing integration processes that retrieve important master data from a customer database can be directly reused in a new process without redundant development of functionality.

Reuse of components and development of Packaged Business Capabilities

Additionally, a repository for all Composable components can be developed for so-called Packaged Business Capabilities. This not only creates transparency about the software building blocks and functions developed within a company, but also enables fast and flexible reuse within a company, leading to more potential savings across departments and making the software more robust as components are used more widely.

Reliability and security through Composable Enterprise

Finally, Composable Enterprise also offers higher reliability and security. Since each IT system is managed individually, a disruption in one part of the network cannot affect the other parts. In addition, companies can design their IT systems to be optimally protected by integrating special security features.

Investing in the future: Use the advantages of Composable Technology

Overall, Composable Technology offers many advantages to companies, from better flexibility and cost efficiency to higher reliability and security. Investing in this technology can help companies adapt their IT systems to their business requirements quickly and efficiently and gain a competitive advantage.

For companies that rely on a fast and flexible IT infrastructure, it is essential to invest in Composable Technology. This technology can help develop and deploy IT systems faster and more cost-effectively and ensure that companies can quickly and efficiently respond to changes in the business world.

Together into the future: Contact us for solutions in the field of Composable Enterprise

Therefore, invest in the future and use the advantages of Composable Technology to make your company more successful. Scheer PAS supports you on your way to the world of Composable Technology and offers individual solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Let us shape the future together and bring your company up to date with the latest technology. Contact us now and learn more about our solutions for Composable Enterprise.

Markus Joldzic
Senior Product Marketing Manager
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